Grand Rapids: Phanes Press, 1993. First edition. Paperback in new condition. Item #9377

Journal of articles - Introduction: Cosmopolis, or the New Alexandria by David Fideler; The Museum at Alexandria by Edward Parsons; A Note on the Muses by Adam McLean; Bibliotheca Alexandrina: The Revival of the First Universal Library. A Report from UNESCO; Alexandria: Past, Present, and Future by Eric Mueller; Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician, Astronomer, and Philosopher by Nancy Nietupski; The Life of Hypatia from The Suda. Translated by Jeremiah Reedy; The Life of Hypatia by Socrates Scholasticus; The Life of Hypatia by John, Bishop of Nikiu; Psychedelic Effects and the Eleusinian Mysteries by Shawn Eyer; The Science and Art of Animating Statues by David Fideler; The Alchemical Harp of Mechtild of Hackeborn by Therese Schroeder-Sheker; The Fish Bride by Jane Thigpen; An Introduction to the Monochord by Siemen Terpstra; A Note on Ptolemy's Polychord and the Contemporary Relevance of Harmonic Science by David Fideler; Mysticism and Spiritual Harmonics in Eighteenth-Century England by Arthur Versluis; Mentalism and the Cosmological Fallacy by Joscelyn Godwin; Printing, Memory, and the Loss of the Celestial by Arthur Versluis; Gerhard Dorn's Monarchy of the Ternary in Union Versus the Monomachia of the Dyad in Confusion. Translated by Daniel Willens; Imago Magia, Virgin Mother of Eternity: Imagination and Phantasy in the Philosophy of Jacob Boehme by Hugh Urban; The Castle of Heroes: W. B. Yeats' Celtic Mystical Order by Peter Cawley; The Availability of the One: An Interpretive Essay by Michael Hornum; The Magic of Romance: The Cultivation of Eros from Sappho to the Troubadours by Christopher Bamford; Seating Arrangements in Plato's Symposium by Robin Waterfield; All Religions are One by William Blake; The Dolphin in Greek Legend and Myth by Melitta Rabinovitch; Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks by Christine Rhone; The Cosmological Rorschach by David Fideler; Psalm by Carolyn North; Orphic Hymn to Artemis. Translated by Shawn Eyer; Reports from Hyperborea by John Henry; 429 pages.

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