ALEXANDRIA, #4: THE ORDER AND BEAUTY OF NATURE. David Fideler, Theodore Roszak, David Appelbaum, Albert Einstein.


Grand Rapids: Phanes Press, 1997. First edition. Paperback in new condition. Item #9376
ISBN: 9780933999398

Journal of articles - Introduction: Philosophy Embracing the World by David Fideler; The Cosmic Religious Feeling by Albert Einstein; Science and Religion by Albert Einstein; Science and the Beautiful by Werner Heisenberg; Soul and the World: A Conversation with Thomas Moore and Suzi Gablik; Retrieving an Ancient Ecology - Art by Christopher Castle; Deep Form in Art and Nature by Betty and Theodore Roszak; Ecomorphology - Art by Gordon Onslow Ford; Two Poems by Betty Roszak; Cosmology, Ethics, and the Practice of Relatedness: A Conversation on Philosophy, the Patterns of Nature, and the Ways of Knowing by David Fideler; Cultivating Ecological Design Intelligence by Stuart Cowan; Neoplatonism and the Cosmological Revolution: Holism, Fractal Geometry, and Mind in Nature by David Fideler; Egos, Angels, and the Colors of Nature by Robert D. Romanyshyn; The Contemporary Christian Platonism of A. H. Armstrong by Jay Bregman; The Theology of the Invisible by Bruce Nelson; The World Religions and Ecology by Joseph Milne; The Information War by Hakim Bey; Philosophical Counseling by Kathleen Damiani; Novelty, the Stop, and the Advent of Conscience by David Appelbaum; Life, Lindisfarne, and Everything: William Irwin Thompson Speaks Out; Jung and the Myth of the Primordial Tradition by Andrew Burniston; The Lost Spirit of Hellenic Philosophy by Christos Evangeliou; Drinking with the Muses by Thomas Willard; Claiming a Liberal Education by Stephen Rowe; How to Host a Philosophical Banquet by Plutarch; Words of the God: Ancient Oracle Traditions of the Mediterranean World by Lee Irwin; Hermeticism and the Utopian Imagination by John Michael Greer; 435 pages.

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