INTRODUCTION TO GURDJIEFF: GIR VOL III, #1, FALL 1999.; Gurdjieff International Review

Contains excerpts from talks and writings of Gurdjieff on philosophy, religion, science and psychology; A synopsis of Gurdjieff's life by Michel de Salzmann; A brief biography of Gurdjieff by P.L. Travers; 'Gurdjieff: The Unknown Man' by Kenneth Walker; 'The Patriarch Goes West' by William Segal; 'To Recognize a Master' by Henriette Lannes; 'Gurdjieff Observed', a survey of secondary Gurdjieff literature by Roger Lipsey; 'G.I. Gurdjieff and His School' by Jacob Needleman; 'Gurdjieff as Survivalist' by James Moore; & 'Let Us Not Conclude' by Henri Tracol. Paperback in new condition. Item #5143

64 pages.

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