Item #31631 SACRED DANCES: The Gurdjieff Movements. Nella Denzey Markee Liska.
SACRED DANCES: The Gurdjieff Movements

SACRED DANCES: The Gurdjieff Movements

Karnak Press, 2023. 157 pages. Item #31631

Paperback in new condition.

Sacred Dances: The Gurdjieff Movements by Nella Liska is an in-depth discussion and exploration of the sacred dances that make up the Gurdjieff Movements. It will be particularly appreciated by Movements Teachers, but will also serve as a comprehensive guide to anyone who takes part in the Movements at any level. The book covers every aspect of the Movements with chapters on: Creation and Execution, A Three Centered Approach, Clothing, Positions and Exactness, Tempo and Rhythm, Balance, the spine and the brain, Sensation, Breathing and words, vibration and sound Inner Work and Energy, Gradations and Planning and more besides.

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