Item #27638 THE CHILD: PARABOLA, VOL IV, NO 3, AUGUST, 1979. Lobsang Lhalungpa, Frederick Frabck, P L. Travers, Roger Lipsey, Don Talayesva, Nicholas Weiss, Richard Lewis, D M. Dooling.


New York: 1979. First printing. Contents include TWINS TWISTED INTO ONE by Don Talayesva: A powerful narrative of life before and after birth by a Hopi born in 1890, RIDING A HORSE: A STORY by Nicholas Weiss, TOWARDS BEGINNINGS by Richard Lewis: A collaboration of a father/teacher and his children in an exploration of the nature of childhood, BIRTH OF THE SUN: A STORY (Anonymous), THE DANCING BUTTERFLY: A STORY by Angela, BECOMING A CHILD by John Loudon: Probing the paradox of becoming as a child and putting away childish things, INANNA AND THE LAND OF NO RETURN: A POEM by Rachel Nora Green, THE AWAKENED EYE by Frederick Franck: A recollection of the first moment of being at one, THE STRENGTH OF THOR: A STORY by Keith Jones, THE FIRST ACT REPEATED by Lynda Sexso: How some of us make myth in the postmodern age, THE CHILD INCARNATE by Lobsang Lhalungpa: The Tibetan concept of the fully developed being in its child form, OUTER SPACE AND EARTH: A STORY by Rachel Cloudstone Zucker; 136 pages. Item #27638

Paperback in new condition.

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