Glasgow: 2011. This present volume brings together 546 of these coloured images from 34 series and is an amazing source book on the imagery of alchemical sequences. I first became aware of alchemical symbolism in the 1960's. At that time little source material was accessible to me apart from illustrations in the very few books then available. I became aware that there were many complex series of alchemical emblems, but it was frustrating that usually it was only possible to see a couple or so images from these. I tried to get others interested in this material through running a series of workshops, but was dismayed to find that people were just not interested in black and white woodcuts and engravings. This was a medium that seemed not to engage people. To most viewers these appeared old and obscure and despite my enthusiasm I often met a blank response. I decided to begin colouring these images by painting them in watercolours. Through my research I had seen many of the original manuscripts with hand coloured drawings and I decided to mimic this in my colouring scheme. Thus I kept to a subtle naturalistic approach, blending and merging the colours. I immediately found that people became interested in the imagery and could then see much of the little details hidden away in the cross-hatched shading of engravings once these were sensitively coloured. Hardbound in very good condition. Item #26641

147 pages.

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