THE BOOK OF THE MOON; Liber Lunae & Sepher ha-Levanah. Don Karr, Stephen Skinner.

THE BOOK OF THE MOON; Liber Lunae & Sepher ha-Levanah

St Paul: Llewellyn, 2018. Liber Lunae has been transcribed from a sixteenth-century English manuscript, annotated, and supplemented with modernized English. The three major sections include: The Mansions of the Moon, which describes the operations of the twenty-eight constellations of the lunar zodiac, their magical virtues, and their names; The Hours of the Day and Night, which describes the operations of the twelve hours of the day and the night, their virtues, talismanic images, angels to invoke, and names; and The Figures of the Planets, which describes each planet's magic square, virtue, suffumigation, magical directions, and inscription. There's also transcriptions of related material (on talismanic images) from other sections of Sloane MS 3826.

Also included: A. W. Greenup's 1912 edition of Sefer ha-Levanah, a Hebrew version of the Liber Lunae material, along with a full translation by Calanit Nachshon. Paperback in new condition. Item #25827
ISBN: 9780738757124

196 pages.

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