THE MIRACULOUS: PARABOLA, VOLUME 43, NUMBER 2 SUMMER 2018. Jeanne de Salzman, Christopher Fremantle, Lillian Firestone, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mary Ellen Korman, Christian Weternbaker, David Appelbaum, Katherine Ketcham, C S. Lewis, Jeff Zalesky.


New York: Parabola, 2018. Paperback in very good condition. Item #24564

Contents include: Genesis 1:1-3, 9-10 KJV, In the Beginning: The first miracle, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim: "I Will Teach You": To meet her destiny, she needed a miracle, Jeanne de Salzmann: The Miraculous in Action: A new way to live, Judith Valente: Signs of Grace: The joy of blessings, Edward Espe Brown: Gifts from Beyond: Kneading bread, baking a soul, Christopher Fremantle: What is Prayer?: In communion with the Higher, Lillian Firestone: A Miracle in the Pueblo: What happened at the Hopi Corn Dance, Mary Ellen Korman: Be the Water and Not the Froth: A visit with Ramana Maharshi, Thich Nhat Hanh: The Real Miracle: The black, curious eyes of a child, Kozo Hattori and Pavithra Mehta: Awakening Comes in Every Form: A conversation with Hawaiian healer Manulani Aluli Meyers, Robert Roehl: Seeing: Falling into the future, Christian Wertenbaker: The Miracle of Consciousness: The science and spirit of awareness, Betsy Cornwell: To Begin Again: Beginning at the ending, David Appelbaum: Why Are Miracles Miraculous?: Meditations, Karlene Stange: DVM, When We Open Our Hearts: The marvel of psychic animal communication, Sarah Voss: The Miraculous in Number(s): Finding meaning through Euler’s equation, C.S. Lewis: Nature is Ready: In defense of the miraculous, Katherine Ketcham: The Circle: From chaos to order on a beach at twilight, Kaufmann Kohler: An Act of a Higher Power: Classic Jewish teachings on the miraculous, L. Frank Baum: Exactly What They Thought They Wanted: Just deserts for the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Lion, Mahavira: The Abode of the Soul: Perfect attainment, in the Jain tradition and Three poems by Jane Yolen; 128 pages.

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