LEARNING TO LOVE; On the Way of Experience. Barbara Wright George.
LEARNING TO LOVE; On the Way of Experience

LEARNING TO LOVE; On the Way of Experience

Epigraph, 2019. Barbara Wright's memoir illuminates the possibility of positive change, through study, for all of us. A series of experiments in self-study, Learning to Love brings Barbara Wright George’s lifetime of rich experience to the question: Can I love every aspect of my life, even the most difficult?

She writes about learning to love familiar difficulties—the dark of winter, weather that’s too cold or too hot, disappointment, the idea of death—and also difficulties that are more her own, such as trying to love jazz, early mornings, and black pepper. Other essays include such subjects as one’s parents or neighbor, solitude, not knowing, and being “not too busy.”

The “Way of Experience” is a road leading to the truth of life itself. Many things can be learned along this way, including the secret of how to love. Learning to Love begins unlocking this secret through intentional exploration. A true unfolding, and full of surprises, it opens doors to new doors. Paperback in new condition. Item #24048
ISBN: 9781948796590

123 pages.

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