GURDJIEFF RECONSIDERED; The Life, the Teachings, the Legacy. Roger Lipsey.

GURDJIEFF RECONSIDERED; The Life, the Teachings, the Legacy

Boston: Shambhala, 2019. Gurdjieff Reconsidered pursues two approaches toward 'reconsideration.' For those who have accepted the stereotyped Gurdjieff, the black magician, self-dealing manipulator and hypnotist, it directly reviews the major sources of these incomplete pictures, and addresses their prejudices and lack of details. For those who believe they know Gurdjieff, it fleshes out details of the man and his work with a more detailed and nuanced review of each decade of Gurdjieff's teaching life, from 1912 through the initial years after his death. Mr. Lipsey shares that he was once told by one of his Gurdjieff teachers that he lacked a "relationship with Gurdjieff." While we won't predict how the believers in the stereotype will be affected by Gurdjieff Reconsidered, we believe that it will help many students of Gurdjieff's ideas to develop a richer "relationship with Gurdjieff." Paperback in new condition. Item #21980
ISBN: 9781611804515

384 pages.

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