SPRING 1954. C. G. Jung, Marie Louise von Franz, Siegm. Hurwitz, Erich Neumann, Barbara Hannah, Dorsha Hayes, Hildegard Nagel.

SPRING 1954.

New York: Analytical Psychology Club of New York, 1954. First printing. Paperback in very good condition. Item #19492

Contents: Memorial for Beatrice m. Hinkle, Foreword to Symbols of Transformation by Dr. Jung, The Dream of Socrates by von Franz, Antwort on Hiob by Nagel, The God Image in teh Cabala by Hurwitz, Our relationship to the Artist by Hayes, Victims of the Creative Spirit by Hannah & On the Moon and Matriarchal Consciousness by Neumann; Mimeographed typescript printed on one side, stapled, spine reinforced with cloth tape; 100 pages.

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