GENEROSITY & SERVICE: PARABOLA, VOLUME 41, NO. 4, WINTER 2016. Lex Hixon, Tony Cointreau, Mother Teresa, Betsy Cornwell, Sister Johanna, Ethel Marston, Alan Morinis, Nipun Mehta, Jeff Zalesky.


New York: Parabola, 2016. First printing. Contents: Today We Have Gathered: A Native American Thanksgiving, Tony Cointreau - Saints: Working with Mother Teresa, Lex Hixon - A Touch of Divine: A conversation with Mother Teresa, Betsy Cornwell - Kindly Beasts: Acts of service in fairy tales and mythology, Elsa Marston - The Compassionate Warrior: A Muslim leader saves thousands of Christians, Sister Joanna - The Ladder of Heavenly Unity: Spiritual guidance from an ancient Christian monastery, Chantae Reden - Offerings in Bali: A daily Hindu ritual of deep beauty, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi - Love and Compassion in Meditation and Action: Manifesting what the Buddha taught, Mooji - When the World Seems Full of Cruelty: Serving others through finding the Self, Jan Jarvis - We Begin Where We Are: A Gurdjieff group in the world, Alan Morinis - Serving the Sages: Wisdom from Judaism’s Mussar tradition, Above and Beyond: The war hero who refused to carry a gun, Nipun Mehta - The Radical Power of Humility: Two exemplars of living service, Andrew Bloomfield - Call of the Cats: Lessons from a colony of feral felines, Judith Vusi - Lord of the Insignificant: Women and spirit in Ocean, Leo Tolstoy - Three Questions: Challenges from the master storyteller; 128 pages. Item #19288

Paperback in new condition.

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