THE TRICKSTER: PARABOLA, VOL IV, NO 1, WINTER, 1979. Michael Waldberg, P L. Travers, Roger Lipsey, Joseph Epes, Barbara Tedlock, D M. Dooling.


New York: 1979. First printing. Paperback in very good condition. Item #18772

Contents include ONE MORE SMILE FOR A HOPI CLOWN by Emory Sekaquaptewa - A man's last wish reveals the profound character of the clown's role, THE WAY OF BLAME by Michel Waldberg - Inner growth through outer shock--an ancient method exemplified in the teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff, CRAFTSMAN OF CHAOS by Lynda Sexson - Insuring that nothing ever makes too much sense, the fool of the Tarot informs and confuses the rest of the pack, THE YOUNGEST BROTHER by P. L. Travers - Illustrated with the art of Cecil Collins. An inquiry into the concept of the Third Son, THE WISDOM OF THE CONTRARY: A CONVERSATION WITH JOSEPH EPES BROWN, BOUNDARIES OF BELIEF by Barbara Tedlock - The terrifying courage of the Zuni clowns in the service of their people, THE HODJA by David Leeming - Nasreddin as Rumi's comic shadow, THE USES OF THE PAST by Roger Lipsey - Tutankhamun at the Met--beyond the cliches, PATH TO THE CENTER by Peter Awn - The Whirling Dervishes in "performance", GOOD NEWS, MOSTLY by John Loudon - St. Mark's Gospel as a one-man show, A MYTHHANDLED MISS Frederick Franck by Eric Rohmer's film of Perceval: an avant-garde look at the Holy Fool; 135 pages.

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