SACRED DANCE: PARABOLA, VOL IV, NO 2, MAY, 1979. Peter Brook, Rosemary Jeannes, Elaine Pagels, Frithjof Capra, Annemarie Schimmel, David P. McAllester, Anita Daniel, D M. Dooling.


New York: 1979. First printing. Paperback in very good condition. Item #18677

Contents include TO THE UNIVERSE BELONGS TO THE DANCER by Elaine H. Pagels - The Jesus Round Dance in the Acts of John, LABYRINTHS by Rosemary Jeanes - Clues to the mysteries of the maze, A PARADIGM OF NAVAJO DANCE by David P. McAllester - Powwow, Disco, and the Enemyway ceremony--is all dance sacred to the Navajo?, BALI: BEHIND THE MASK by Anita Daniel - A photographic essay on Balinese dance in lesson and performance, LEARNING ON THE MOMENT: A Conversation with Peter Brook - The brilliant and controversial director discusses his aim in theater and film, DYNAMIC BALANCE IN THE SUBATOMIC WORLD by
Fritjof Capra - Movement and change paralleled in the sciences of matter and spirit, TAI CHI--SPIRITUAL MARTIAL ART by William L. Prensky - A student of the ancient form describes the conditions of struggle it creates, RITUAL OF REBIRTH by Annemarie Schimmel - The origin and experience of the whirling dervish dance, REFLECTION ON REFLECTION by John Anthony West - Keith Critchlow's film demonstrates the underlying structure of all forms.; 136 pages.

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