Item #18655 SOLITUDE AND COMMUNITY: PARABOLA, VOLUME XVII, NO. 1; SPRING 1992. D. M. Dooling, Ruth Cooke, Mary Ann Troedsson, Lambros Kamperidis, Eliezer Shore, Jean HarrisLinda Hogan, Richard Nelson, Ruth Rudner, Wayne Teasdale, Thomas Merton, Philo, James G. Cowan, Stanley Crawford, Rob Baker, Ellen Draper.


New York: 1992. Contains Memorial to D.M. Dooling; "The Inner Family" by D. M. Dooling - The lifelong study of essential relationships; "Reunion with the Source" by Mary Ann Troedsson - A death in the family; "Surrounded by Water, Dying of Thirst" by Lambros Kamperidis - Withdrawing from the world as preparation for re-entering the world; "The Soul of the Community" by Eliezer Shore - "Before we can know God, we must come to know ourselves"; "Finding the Gift in It" by Jean Harris - Solitary confinement and communal empowerment; "All My Relations" by Linda Hogan - Re-establishing universal connections in a sweat lodge ceremony; "The Forest of Eyes" by Richard Nelson - The unity of two separate worlds in nature; "Grain Elevators" by Ruth Rudner, photos by Bruce Selyem - "Where land lies without bounds, the emptiness is huge"; "Selfless Service" from The Bhagavad Gita - The two paths of the pure heart in yoga; "Dweller in the Cave of the Heart" by Wayne Teasdale - The Hindu sannyasi's search for the mystery of distinction-within-unity; "Between Work and Prayer" by Thomas Merton - The cloister garth as the monastery's inner light; "On the Life of the Therapeutae" by Philo - An early Jewish monastic sect near Alexandria; "Aboriginal Solitude" by James G. Cowan - Community with the earth, the Dreaming, and totemic ritual; FIVE POEMS by Ch'iu-ti Liu, Brian Swann, Anne K. Smith, Rosalie Cutting, and Rob Baker; "Hoeing Garlic" by Stanley Crawford - Two opposite tendencies at odds in physical labor; "Paid in Gold: An interview with Ruth Cooke" - A 96-year-old woman looks at life alone and together with friends and ideas; "On Solitude and the Attainment of God" by Meister Eckhart - A medieval mystic's challenge to withdrawing from the world; 128 pages. Item #18655

Paperback in very good condition; Cover somehat rubbed and rippled.

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