ALLOPATHY GOES NATIVE; Traditional Versus Modern Medicine in Iran. Agnes G. Loeffler.

ALLOPATHY GOES NATIVE; Traditional Versus Modern Medicine in Iran

London: Tauris Academic Studies, 2007. First printing. Allopathy is often described as "western" medicine, the antithesis of homeopathy. Health and Medical Practice in Iran is an ethnographic investigation of how allopathic knowledge, theories and practice guidelines come to be understood and applied by native practitioners in a non-western context. Based on research among allopathic doctors in Iran, Loeffler describes how the system of allopathic medicine has adapted to indigenous explanations of health and disease and to the economic, social and religio-political realities framing contemporary Iranian life and culture. This approach simultaneously problematizes the view of allopathic medicine as a "western" entity exerting a hegemonic influence over non-western cultures and provides a rare glimpse of the complexities of life in modern Iran denied most western scholars. It is an essential supplement to the current anthropological literature on Iran. Cloth bound in fine condition. Item #18313

211 pages.

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