PARABOLA, VOL I, NO. 4, FALL 1976. Mircea Eliade, Frederick Franck, Sam D. Gill, Janwillen van de Wetering, Athur Amiotte, Evelyn Eaton, Fernando Llosa Porras, John Loudon.


New York: Parabola, 2004. Later printing. Paperback in very good condition. Item #17899

Contents: "The Liturgy of Noh" by Frederick Franck - An exponent of the Zen of seeing expresses, in text and drawings, the wealth of feeling and wisdom that is communicated in the spare, rigorous performance of Noh, "Voting on Faith: Myth and Ritual in Presidential Politics" by James Wolfe - How the ordeals of the hero, the myth of the king, and the rituals of power are still very much part of the way men are transformed into presidents and exercise their office, "Myth and Archetype in Science Fiction" by Ursula K. Le Guin - Is science fiction a modern mythology? A lively, insightful inquiry by one of the most distinguished and discriminating sci-fi writers, "The Dangerous Passage" by D. M. Dooling - In a sense, symbols of passage are themselves rites of passage: an expansion on Coomaraswamy's seminal essay "Symplegades.", "Rite of Passage" - Two of the pupils and friends of Minor White who shared with him the days of his final passage present a sequence of his own images to depict the process as they experienced it, with their accompanying text, "Reflections on Ancient Friendship" by Robert E. Meagher - An exploration of the difference between living in society and living in community, with an invitation to rediscover the meaning of friendship, "Spiralling into the Future: A conversation with William Irwin Thompson" - The author of Passages About Earth and founder of Lindisfarne conducts a spirited tour through past and future, showing how the new religious age he sees dawning will repeat structurally but not literally the dominant motifs of the great myths and religious ; 130 pages.

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