Item #17867 ANGELS AND DEMONS: PARABOLA, VOLUME 40, NO 2; SUMMER 2015. Roger Lipsey, Lillian Firestone, Richard Smoley, Tracy Cochran, Frank Sinclair, Rupert Sheldrake, Carl Lehmann-Haupt, Jeff Zaleski.


New York: Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition, 2015. First printing. Contents include: Make Peace Before the Sun Goes Down by Roger Lipsey - The long encounter of Thomas Merton and his Abbott, James Fox; On the Train to Siberia by Lillian Firestone - She was a Polish money changer—wasn’t she?; Made in Our Image by Richard Smoley - The angels and demons of our nature; The Death of Dr. Erdös by George Konrad - A report from a land of demons; Queen of Angels by Tracy Cochran - Seeking the divine; A Glimpse of the “Outer Darkness” by Frank R. Sinclair - A struggle with “dark forces”; The Demons Appear; A conversation with Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer; Fallen Angel by Betsy Cornwell - A young woman finds her way; The Christmas Angels by Risa Levenson Gold, artwork by Jean Zaleski - Two strangers, vehicles of the miraculous; The Return of the Angels by Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake - The priest and the biologist on angels and the cosmos; When God Is a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by James Reho - St. Anthony and the devils; Death & Company by Carl Lehmann-Haupt - Meditations on the ultimate teacher; Rembrandt’s Portrait of Hendrickje Stoffels by Dante Elsner - In a great painting, the angelic and the human; 128 pages. Item #17867

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