GOODNESS: PARABOLA, VOL 39, NO 4, WINTER 2014-2015. James George, Patty de Llosa, Mark Nepo, Sheila Donis, Lee van Lear, Priyananda, Jacon Needleman, Jeff Zaleski.


2014. First printing. Paperback in new condition. Item #17516

Contents include The Sacred Seed Sister Joan Chittister, Nan Lu, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee: Celebrating the seed, saving the planet: From Bad to Good by Patty de Llosa: Homeless lives uplifted; There Is No God But God by Kenneth P. Lizzio: Among the Sufis of Afghanistan: To Let the Light In by David Ulrich; A conversation with diplomat, author, and seeker James George: Without Pause by Mark Nepo: Beethoven and Oscar Wilde offer lessons for life; Two Fables by Aesop: Two classic stories from the Ancient Greek fabulist; Resurrection by Ramgiri Braun: Finding hope in the heart of darkness; Goodness and Conscience by Lee van Laer: How heaven grows within; Divine Love Is the Magnet - A conversation with Brother Priyananda of Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship; Maidens and Monsters by Betsy Cornwell: The deeper meaning of fairy tales; Healing the Wounds of War by Edward Tick: Native perspectives on restoring the soul; Walking with the Wakiris by Vipul Shaha and Sheetal Sanghvi: On pilgrimage in India with a million devotees; Bees and the Soul by Patricia Damery: We are constellations of soul sparks, Jung said; You Have to Meet the Children by Richard Whittaker: A conversation with educator and former nun Sheila Donis; Why Can’t We Be Good? by Jacob Needleman: “Why do people get angry?” asked the boy; Arriving at Moral Perfection by Benjamin Franklin: A Founding Father tries to do it right; Stirred by a Force from Heaven by Lucius Annaeus Seneca: Listening to the holy spirit within; POEMS: Winners of the 2014 Poetry of the Sacred Contest: What Worship Is by Red Hawk, Prairie Hours by Ed Block, Pilgrimage to Mont-Sainte-Victoire by Mary Jo Balistreri, Hymn to Morning by John Harris; 128 pages.

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