Item #16996 LIBERATION & LETTING GO: PARABOLA, VOL. 38, NO. 4, WINTER 2013. David Appelbaum, Tracy Cochran, Lillian Firestone, Luis Fernando Llosa, David Harp, Carol lee Flanders, Grace Dammann, Tschslaw Tchekhovitch, Jeff Zaleski.


New York: 2013. Contents include FOUR MEDITATIONS ON SEEING by David Appelbaum: With reference to Meister Eckhart; SEEKING VERITY Tracy Cochran: Finding the infinite in the finite; THE WORLD IS A SPIRIT VESSEL Robert Meikyo Rosenbaum: The Tao of Zen, the Zen of the Tao; THE HOLY BEGGAR OF WEST END AVENUE by Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum: Generosity as a way to liberation; HOW TO ANSWER A SPIRITUAL QUESTION by Lillian Firestone: What makes an answer real?; PREPARING TO DIE by Andrew Holecek: Letting go of life; LET THEM BE by Luis Fernando Llosa: The jungle of youth sports; HARMONICA LIBERATION by David Harp: The Strange Case of Ms. G.; "ALAS! MY BLADE IS BROKEN" by Robert Tindall: A lesson learned at the very last moment; INTIMATIONS by Stephan Gersh: UNBURDENED BY THEORY by Carol Lee Flinders: Jane Goodall finds a way; TRUTH TELLING: A conversation with Grace Dammann; THE DEMANDS OF THE WAY by Tcheslaw Tchekhovitch: A spiritual master on what it takes; LIBERATING GOD FROM HEAVEN by James Reho: Finding the sacred in our world; THE FOOTSTEPS DIE OUT FOR EVER by Charles Dickens: It is a far, far better rest they go to; HOW RENUNCIATION DIFFERS FROM ABANDONMENT by Gavin Flood and Charles Martin: Wisdom from a new translation of the Bhagavad-Gita; Three poems by Mark Nepo: Saturated, Where Is God? & Transformation; 128 pages. Item #16996

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