Item #16940 IMAGINATION: PARABOLA, VOL. 34, NO. 1, SRING 2009. James George, Diane Wolkstein Christian Wertenbaker, Patrick laude, Barbara Bluestone, Ishmael Beah, Jean Huston, Jeff Zaleski.


2009. First edition. Contents: FLINGING THE NET: The reconciling power of good stories, THE HEART EATER: Translated and retold by Ishmael Beah, THE ODYSSEY: Introduced by Jean Houston, from Samuel Butler's translation, Kosiya, The Buddhist Scrooge: Translated and retold by Margo McLoughlin, Ruth: WHERE YOU GO, I WILL GO: Retold by Diane Wolkstein, A HEN AND A ROOSTER: Retold by Laura Simms, THE STORY OF KRAKA AND RAGNAR LODBROK: Retold by Barbara Bluestone, MONKEY KING: JOURNEY TO THE WEST: Retold by Diane Wolkstein, THE SECRET OF DREAMING: Retold by Jim Poulter, THE KING OF THE GODS: Translated by Dorji Penjore, THE MIST WOLF: Stephan A. Schwartz, A shaman, a sacred act, and the world is re-imagined, IMAGINATION AND THE VOID by Patrick Laude: Imagination within the sacred Traditions, FINDING THE CENTER, ENTERING THE LAND by Geoffrey W. Dennis: The triumph of the imaginative faculty, in the Jewish labyrinth, IMAGINATION by Christian Wertenbaker: A scientist explores the many facets of imagination, A TOPOLOGICAL NOTE ON THE TRINITY by Richard Jagacinski: Using imagination to apprehend a sacred mystery, A CRACK IN THE WORLD by Thomas K. Shor: High in the Himalayas, an expedition to a secret world, THE GENEROUS IMAGE Barbara by Helen Berger: Lessons from the naked goddess Green Tara; 128 pages. Item #16940

Paperback in very good condition.

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