Item #16691 HEAVEN AND HELL; PARABOLA, VOL 38 NO 2, SUMMER 2013. Tracy Cochran, Stephen A. Grant, Roger Lipsey, James George, Paul Jordan-Smith, Lee van Lear, Jeff Zaleski.


New York: 2013. Contents include THE NIGHT I DIED by Tracy Cochran, A brush with death leads to a glimpse of Light; EMANATIONS OF DIVINITY by Lee van Laer, The wonders of Hieronymous Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights; HEARING THE CRIES OF THE WORLD by Mark Nepo, The many blessings of opening to suffering; SOMETHING UNDERSTOOD by Doug Thorpe, Heaven and Hell with Dante and the evangelicals; ESCAPE FROM HELL by Renée Thorne, Growing up in fire and brimstone; WHAT MAKES A LIFE SIGNIFICANT by William James, A utopian community—so what’s the problem?; PARABOLA: 150 ISSUES - A celebration of 150 issues of Parabola, through our covers; THE MEANING OF TRADITION: From our first issue, a conversation with Huston Smith; A LEAF FROM HEAVEN by Hans Christian Andersen, A tale of Heaven come to earth; TRANSIT by Diane Wolkstein, From Heaven to Hell and back again; REMEMBERING CONSUELO by Paul Jordan-Smith, A tribute to Diane Wolkstein; ENDING THE BEELZEBUB WARS: BEYOND “US AND THEM” by Stephen A. Grant, A plea for harmony within the Fourth Way; AWAKENING TO GIFTISM, IN PUNE by Nipun Mehta, Transformation, one simple act at a time; ROLLING IN THE DEEP by Laura Majorie Miller, Young filmmaker Lisa Stock tackles Dante’s Inferno; HAMMARSKJöLD: A LIFE, Roger Lipsey | reviewed by James George; 128 pages. Item #16691

Paperback in new condition.

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