Item #16610 A NEW CONCEPTION OF GOD: Further Reflections on Gurdjieff's Whim. Keith A. Buzzell.

A NEW CONCEPTION OF GOD: Further Reflections on Gurdjieff's Whim

Salt lake City: 2013. First printing. 314 pages with numerous color illustrations and diagrams; Laid in is an 8 page fold-out of key illustrations. Item #16610

Paperback in new condition.

In every long thought, Buzzell pursues the implications of current scientific discoveries in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, evolutional biology and cosmology, revealing the vastness of Gurdjieff's vision of the potential evolution of three-brained beings: us humans on the planet Earth. Buzzell examines Gurdjieff's concept of Conscience, exploring the implications of its involvement in all parts of one's being, with emphasis on the relationship of Conscience with Reason. He takes up the perennial question of war, focusing on its origins within the subconscious. He goes deep into the interstices of the power of the survival impulse in all our three 'brains' or centers: body, feeling, thinking and identifies their essential qualities which throw light on the mechanics of egoism. Buzzell responds to Gurdjieff's injunction to comprehend the essential difference between sensing and feeling, giving a convincing and clarifying account of the biology of these two distinct experiences, as well as their ancient sources.

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