Item #16123 THE UNKNOWN: PARABOLA, VOLUME 37, NO. 3, FALL 2012. Jacob Needleman, Nipum Mehta Richard Whittaker, Trebbe Johnson, Phil Cossineau, Huston Smith, Charles Upton, Rob Percival, Jeff Zaleski.


New York: 2012. First printing. Contents include PATHS ARE MADE FOR WALKING by Nipun Mehta: Four steps to take on the road of life, A SHIFT IN VISION by Barbara Helen Berger: The unexpected potential of negative space, THE TWILIGHT OF CERTAINTY by Rob Percival: Raised in darkness, they strive to save the Earth, THE GREAT UNKNOWN IS ME, MYSELF: A conversation with Jacob Needleman, EYES OPEN, IN THE PRESENT by Jacob Needleman: Exploring the mystery of being, EVIDENCE OF THE INVISIBLE by Richard Whittaker: Photographs, NAMING THE UNNAMEABLE by Joshua Boettiger: Advice on living in two worlds, TO BE KNOWN BY THE UNKNOWABLE Charles Upton:A meditation on ultimate matters, ENCOUNTERS by Huston Smith with Phil Cousineau: On meeting Thomas Merton, Joseph Campbell, and the Dalai Lama, RADICAL JOY FOR HARD TIMES - A conversation with Trebbe Johnson: A TRUE STORY by Paul Goble: Of the Winnebago Indian who wanted to see Maona, "the Earth Maker, God Himself", IN THE ABSENCE OF THE BODY by James H. Reho: When the spiritual teacher dies, what happens to those left behind?, THE PATH OF QUETZALCOATL by Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl): After 1,400 years of secrecy, an ancient teaching is revealed, PRISTINE AWARENESS AND TOTAL PRESENCE by J.M. White: The wonderful life and teaching of Tibetan master Longchenpa; 128 pages. Item #16123

Paperback in new condition.

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