ALONE & TOGETHER: PARABOLA, VOL 37 NO 2, SUMMER 2012. Alan Arkin, Brother Paul Quenon, Tracy Cochran' Barry Svigals, Timothy Allen, Tilo Ulbricht, Jeff Zaleski.


2012. Paperback in new condition. Item #15722

Contents include PRAYER, POVERTY, AND CREATIVITY by Brother Paul Quenon - A Christian monk's reflections on solitude and community, BROADENING THE ARC OF DEVOTION - A conversation with Alan Arkin, AWAY by Tracy Cochran - On silent retreat, a woman finds connection, ALONE WITH OTHERS by Joshua Boettiger - Jewish wisdom on sharing the fruits of solitude, ALONE BUT NOT LONELY by Ragunath Padmanabhan - A young boy teaches the art of happiness, THE ANGEL OF THE STORIES by John Simmons - A fable for those with wings, SACRED GATHERING by Timothy Allen - A stunning image from a master photographer, COLLABORATION by Barry Svigals and Others - A new book on working with others, and a conversation with its principal author, THE FOX by Ted McNamara - The gift of animal presence, A PATCH OF BLUE SKY - A conversation with Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, SYNCLETICA'S SEED by Alison Coluccio - A Desert Mother's insights, A thousand roots by Tilo Ulbricht - The poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, 128 pages.

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