Item #15722 ALONE & TOGETHER: PARABOLA, VOL 37 NO 2, SUMMER 2012. Alan Arkin, Brother Paul Quenon, Tracy Cochran' Barry Svigals, Timothy Allen, Tilo Ulbricht, Jeff Zaleski.


2012. Contents include PRAYER, POVERTY, AND CREATIVITY by Brother Paul Quenon - A Christian monk's reflections on solitude and community, BROADENING THE ARC OF DEVOTION - A conversation with Alan Arkin, AWAY by Tracy Cochran - On silent retreat, a woman finds connection, ALONE WITH OTHERS by Joshua Boettiger - Jewish wisdom on sharing the fruits of solitude, ALONE BUT NOT LONELY by Ragunath Padmanabhan - A young boy teaches the art of happiness, THE ANGEL OF THE STORIES by John Simmons - A fable for those with wings, SACRED GATHERING by Timothy Allen - A stunning image from a master photographer, COLLABORATION by Barry Svigals and Others - A new book on working with others, and a conversation with its principal author, THE FOX by Ted McNamara - The gift of animal presence, A PATCH OF BLUE SKY - A conversation with Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, SYNCLETICA'S SEED by Alison Coluccio - A Desert Mother's insights, A thousand roots by Tilo Ulbricht - The poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, 128 pages. Item #15722

Paperback in new condition.

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