Item #15108 SEEING: PARABOLA, VOLUME 36, NO. 3, FALL 2011. Hugh Ripman, Jeanne de Salzmann, David Ulrich, Jane Rosen, James Opie, Martha Heyneman, Patty de Llosa, Philip Zaleski.


2011. First edition. Contents include: WHERE'S THE TEMPLE? by Trebbe Johnson: In which the author opens "a doorway into the world beyond the known", ILLUSIONS by James Opie: Quite a bargain, that grand old painting...or was it?, CHERRY tree BLOSSOM by James Whitlow Delano: Amid the devastation of the tsunami, hope and beauty bloom, THE UNSEEN RIVER by Joyce Kornblatt: Peering into the sacred heart of things, THE COSMIC METABOLISM OF FORM by Christian Wertenbaker: A meditation on a "great cosmic ecology of consciousness", LOOKING with your whole body: A conversation with acclaimed artist Jane Rosen, SEEING IS AN ACT by Jeanne de Salzmann: Rare wisdom on "how to see", AWAKENING SIGHT by David Ulrich: What happens when a professional photographer loses an eye?, DIGGING DEEPER: A conversation with Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal, "SEEING" BY ZEN MASTER DOGEN by Kazuaki Tanahashi, Commentary on, and original translation of, the great Zen icon, DIONYSOS George Latura Beke: There, in the skies: A golden pathway to the heavens, HUGH BROCKWILL RIPMAN by Martha Heyneman: Introducing a remarkable spiritual teacher, THE EYES OF THE SOUL by Hugh Brockwill Ripman: An unforgettable story about crossing the threshold to Reality, THE SILENT WITNESS by Hugh Brockwill Ripman: Questions, and answers from a man who knows, SEEING AND THE YOGA SUTRA by Dolphi Wertenbaker: Toward freedom of seeing; 128 pages. Item #15108

Paperback in very good condition.

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