SEEING: PARABOLA, VOLUME 36, NO. 3, FALL 2011. Hugh Ripman, Jeanne de Salzmann, David Ulrich, Jane Rosen, James Opie, Martha Heyneman, Patty de Llosa, Philip Zaleski.


2011. First edition. Paperback in very good condition. Item #15108

Contents include: WHERE'S THE TEMPLE? by Trebbe Johnson: In which the author opens "a doorway into the world beyond the known", ILLUSIONS by James Opie: Quite a bargain, that grand old painting...or was it?, CHERRY tree BLOSSOM by James Whitlow Delano: Amid the devastation of the tsunami, hope and beauty bloom, THE UNSEEN RIVER by Joyce Kornblatt: Peering into the sacred heart of things, THE COSMIC METABOLISM OF FORM by Christian Wertenbaker: A meditation on a "great cosmic ecology of consciousness", LOOKING with your whole body: A conversation with acclaimed artist Jane Rosen, SEEING IS AN ACT by Jeanne de Salzmann: Rare wisdom on "how to see", AWAKENING SIGHT by David Ulrich: What happens when a professional photographer loses an eye?, DIGGING DEEPER: A conversation with Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal, "SEEING" BY ZEN MASTER DOGEN by Kazuaki Tanahashi, Commentary on, and original translation of, the great Zen icon, DIONYSOS George Latura Beke: There, in the skies: A golden pathway to the heavens, HUGH BROCKWILL RIPMAN by Martha Heyneman: Introducing a remarkable spiritual teacher, THE EYES OF THE SOUL by Hugh Brockwill Ripman: An unforgettable story about crossing the threshold to Reality, THE SILENT WITNESS by Hugh Brockwill Ripman: Questions, and answers from a man who knows, SEEING AND THE YOGA SUTRA by Dolphi Wertenbaker: Toward freedom of seeing; 128 pages.

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