GIR VOL IV, NO. 2, SPRING 2001.; Gurdjieff International Review

2001. Contains first English text printing of the 1976 Documentary film the life and teachings of Gurdjieff; A review of 'Meeting with Remarkable Men' by Manuel Rainard; 'Essence Friend' by Louise Welch; 'Louise Welch', a poem by Martha Heyneman; An interview with Jacob Needleman; Notes from a member of Orage's New York group; An extract from 'In Denekin's Russia' by C.E. Bechhofer Roberts which was the first description of Gurdjieff to appear in English; Two accounts of an evening with Gurdjieff from 'Episods with Gurdjieff' by Edwin Wolfe and 'Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today' by William Seabrook; & ME - I AM, an essay by A.L. Sataveley. Sadle-stitched paperback in very good condition. Item #15034

60 pages.

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