Item #13961 THE EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER: PARABOLA, VOLUME XX, NO. 1; SPRING 1995. Titus Burckhardt, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al Jarrahi, Martha Heyneman, Thomas Kelting, Scott Russell Sanders, Doug Logan, Will R. Cummings, Mara Freeman, Paracelsus, Kat Duff, Irving Friedman, Diana L. Eck, Ellen Dooling Draper, Virginia Baro.


New York: 1995. 20th Anniversary Issue; Contains "Ancient Quartet" by Scott Russell Sanders - Changing perspectives about the basic substances, "The Primary Qualities" by Titus Burckhardt - An alchemical view, "The Nature of Nature" by Thomas Kelting - The search for the connectedness of all things, "Water Rises, Too" by Thich Nhat Hanh - The source of one thing is all things, "The Known and Unknown Wind" by Doug Logan - Wind and water as the sailor sees them, "The Forge" by Will R. Cumming - The power of fire, "Sacred Waters, Holy Wells" by Mara Freeman - Miraculous pools and springs in the British Isles, "Great and Little Worlds" by Paracelsus - Words from a master of sixteenth-century European alchemy, "The Powers of Creation" by Kat Duff - The Zodiac within, "Elements of Human Nature - Energies of the astrological signs, "A River Went out of Eden" by Irving Friedman - The symbolism of the elements in Judaism, "The Last Sacrifice" by Diana L. Eck - Antyeshti: The Hindu cremation rite, "Clyde's Pick-Up" by William Bryant Logan - Even a truck, "Travels of the Soul" by Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al Jerrahi - A Sufi view of human origins, "Angels of Rain and Lightning" by Martha Heyneman - The many and the one, "Carrying the Fire: An interview with John Biggers - An artist's view of the life process; 127 pages. Item #13961

Paperback in very good condition.

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