Item #13920 HIDDEN TREASURE: PARABOLA, VOLUME XIX, NO. 4; NOVEMBER 1994. Robert Thurman, Eliazer Shore, Jim Forest, John Matthews, Joseph Bruchac, Lawrence E. Sullivan, Michael O. Wise, Jane Hirshfield, Howard Schwartz, Christine Whittemore.


New York: 1994. First edition. Contains "Treasure Teachings: An interview with Robert Thurman" - Discovering Buddhism's secret knowledge; "The Heart of Ritual" by Eliezer Shore - The treasure of repetition; "Holy Foolishness" by Jim Forest - Unexpected saints in the Russian Orthodox tradition; "In Search of Hidden Wonder" by John Matthews - The quest for the Holy Grail; "Digging Into Your Heart" by Joseph Bruchac - Native American tales of buried wealth; "The Power of Illusion" by Lawrence E. Sullivan - Magic as the revealer of hidden forces; "The Copper Scroll" by Michael O. Wise - The unfolding of an ancient mystery; "Gazing on the Truth" by Jane Hirshfield - From Women in Praise of the Sacred; "Am I the Innkeeper?" by Richard Temple - Pieter Brueghel's The Numbering at Bethlehem; "Spirit Possession in Judaism" by Howard Schwartz - The secret powers of dybbuk and ibur; "Treasure Hidden in a Field" by Christine Whittemore - Lindow Man and the Hoxne Hoard; "Awakening the Spirit with Mandalas" - The art of Jeanne Miles; 128 pages. Item #13920

Paperback in very good condition.

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