Item #13894 BEAUTY: PARABOLA, VOL. 35, NO. 4, WINTER 2011. Jeanne de Salzmann, Mary Oliver, Gina Sharpe, Richard Whittaker, Peter Kingsley, Brian English, Jeff Zaleski.


2010. First edition. Contents BEAUTY REDEEMED Trebbe Johnson - Enter a world of beauty, ugliness, and unexpected transformation, THE RICKSHAW DRIVER Nipun Mehta - An act of kindness reveals beauties of the heart, ON BEAUTY Brian English - A Portfolio, THE BEAUTIFUL MIND - A conversation with meditation teacher Gina Sharpe, THE ZEITGEIST OF BEAUTY Olivier Bernier - Is beauty only in the beholder's eye? A noted historian weighs in, SURVIVAL OF THE INTERESTING David Rothenberg - The surprising evolution of beauty and desire, DISTANT BEAUTY Richard Whittaker - Glimpses of . . . celestial beauty, THIS RUINED HOUSE Joyce Kornblatt - In praise of the worn, the aged, the "un-beautiful", TIFERET Gilla Nissan - Beauty in the realm of the divine, IS NOT BEAUTY ITS OWN REWARD Patrick Laude - Beauty and the sacred, A REVERENCE FOR THE DIVINE - A conversation with visionary philosopher Peter Kingsley, ANOTHER VISION Jeanne de Salzmann - "I seek what I am, to be what I am", THREE NEW POEMS BY MARY OLIVER: I GO DOWN TO THE SHORE, AFTER I FALL DOWN THE STAIRS AT THE GOLDEN TEMPLE and BOB DYLAN TOO, THE NIGHTINGALE Hans Christian Andersen/Fairy Tale - Retold by Diane Wolkstein, THE VERSES OF THE THERI AMBAPALI Ambapali/Buddhist - Translated and retold with commentary by Margo McLoughlin, A GEOMETRICAL VIEW OF THE CRUCIFIX Richard Jagacinski - How to think and live outside the box; 128 pages. Item #13894

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