Item #13817 HOSPITALITY: PARABOLA, VOLUME XV, NO. 4; NOVEMBER 1990. Frederick Franck, Lambros Kamperidis, Linda Hogan, Helen M. Luke, Paul Jordan-Smith, Arthur Amiotte, Philip Zaleski, P L. Travers, Daniel S. Wolk, Rob Baker, Ellen Draper.


New York: 1990. Contains "Philoxenia and Hospitality" by Lambros Kamperidis - Traditional and classical views of the guest-host relationship; "What Holds the Water, What Holds the Light" by Linda Hogan; Vessels for an exchange of grace; "The Stranger Within" by Helen M. Luke - The journey to self-acknowledgment and wholeness; The Hostage and the Parasite" by Paul Jordan-Smith - Distortions of the host-guest relationship; "Giveaway for the Gods": An interview with Arthur Amiotte - A Lakota artist speaks of ceremonial exchange among the Sioux; "Knights Hospitallers" by Philip Zaleski - The rise and fall of a chivalric order of Christian caregiving; "Stone Soup" by P. L. Travers - The story of the sly traveller; "Days with Albert Schweitzer" by Frederick Franck - Personal glimpses of a uniquely hospitable twentieth-century legend; "And He Ran to Greet Them" by Daniel S. Wolk - Abraham as a prototype of Bedouin cordiality to strangers; 128 pages. Item #13817

Paperback in very good condition.

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