THE REAL QUESTION REMAINS.: Gurdjieff, A Living Call. Henri Tracol.

THE REAL QUESTION REMAINS.: Gurdjieff, A Living Call

2009. It would be fitting to say of Henri Tracol, a pupil of G. I. Gurdjieff, that all through his life he called many sides of himself into action toward the "harmonious development" advocated by Gurdjieff. For this reason the talks and interviews he gave over the years are of the greatest help to other seekers of truth, or, as he would say, "aspiring seekers of truth."

Whether writing about Gurdjieff or about ancient world traditions, Tracol skillfully draws on a vast knowledge of them as well as of his own and many other cultures. He brings archetypes and heroes close enough for us to begin to see more clearly what they might represent for us. He tells us that help is at hand from sacred sources and understandings, and that we can penetrate closer to the source of the common essence of traditional wisdom.

This new, revised, and extended edition of Tracol's book is particularly welcome because it contains pieces translated for the first time into English, and also hitherto unpublished material based on talks from his many visits to the United States, as well as bringing together his remarkable contributions to Parabola magazine. Paperback in new condition. Item #13451
ISBN: 9781596750326

Includes 15 essays not published in 'The Taste for Things That Are True', incuding "Some Reflections on What is Specific to Gurdjieff's Teaching"; 228 pages.

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