GOD: PARABOLA, VOLUME 33, NO. 2; SUMMER 2008. Huston Smith, Mary Oliver, David Cooper, Jean Houston, Christopher Bramford, Charles Upton, Jeff Zaleski.


New York: 2008. Contains THE GODDING PROCESS David A. Cooper - A revelatory understanding of God, from the Kabbalah, GOD IS THE GOOD Patrick Laude - A masterful survey of God across the Traditions, IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD Nicholas Motovilov and St. Seraphim of Sarov - Meeting a saint and witnessing a miracle, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM Christopher Bamford - The joyous assent of the forefather of three Traditions, GOD IN HIS MERCY Simone Weil - A great mind and heart are pierced by the sacred, A FINGER POINTING AT THE MOON Tom Rothschild - Offering a new mythos of God for our time, SPARROWS AND SMUDGES OF CLAY Barbara Helen Berger - A story with commentary about Meister Eckhart and his wisdom, CONCERNING SECLUSION AND THE POSSESSION OF GOD Meister Eckhart - The great medieval mystic on how to live with God, THE BUDDHA ON THE SO-CALLED CREATOR-GOD Venerable Narada Mahathera - What the Buddha had to say about God, THE GOD-WAR Huston Smith - The world's leading historian of religion on the atheistic assault on God, HE IS THAT HE IS Charles Upton - A sweeping meditation on the nature of God ; 128 pages. Item #13160

Paperback in new condition.

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