Item #12583 WAYS OF KNOWING: PARABOLA, VOLUME 22, NO. 1; SPRING, 1997. Peter Kingsley, Mara Freeman, Roger Lipsey, Margaret Case, Peter A. Kwasnieski, Ashok K. Gangadean, David Appelbaum.


New York: 1997. Contains "Schooling Our Intelligence" by Thomas Moore - To meet the lesson of immediacy; "Eating the Salmon of Wisdom" by Mara Freeman - Living the Celtic vision of nature; "A Day in the Life of Krishna" by Margaret Case - Ritual performance as the play of the divine; "Knowing Beyond Knowing" by Peter Kingsley - The Hermetic guide of contradiction; "Listening Days" by Terry Tempest Williams - Silence at life's end; "A Mapmaker's Dream" by James Cowan - A fictional account of a cartographer's vision; "The Heart of Man and the Heart of Christianity" by Peter A. Kwasniewski - Passion as a unifying force; "The Vow to Do No Harm: Text and Images from the Jain Tradition"; "The Awakening of Primal Knowledge" by Ashok K. Gangadean - How the traditions point beyond the ego; "At the Center" by Eliezer Shore - Beyond human knowledge in Maimonides; "Living by Wonder" by Richard Lewis - When the doors of perception are cleansed; "Wordgates" by J. L. Walker - Calligraphy framing a Chinese doorway; "Just the Mind at Work" by Roger Lipsey - Looking at how thought functions; "Splendid Is Your Ignorance" - A selection of Zen koans; 128 pages. Item #12583

Paperback in very good condition.

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