GRACE: PARABOLA, VOLUME 27, NO. 3; FEBRUARY, 2002. Ram Dass, Thomas Moore, Nan Runde, Vladimir Lossky, David Appelbaum.


New York: 2002. Contains "The Marriage of Grace and Sweat" by Thomas Moore - An essential effort of transcendence, "A Tale of Wonders" by Nan Runde - Sir Gawain's grace of life, "An Essential Leaven" by Kim Coleman Healy - The metaphor of bread, "Fierce Grace" - An interview with Ram Dass, "The Opposite of Gravity" by Bishop Seraphim Sigrist - The mysterious reconciliation of opposites, "Through Beauty" by Rebecca Robison - Reaching for a harmonious whole, "The Search for Real Gold" by Philip Zaleski, "Rewards and Fairies" by Mara Freeman - How to receive the gifts of song and healing, "Glimpsing the Waters of Life" Photos by Kevin Bubriski - A picture essay, "Donum Dei" by Christopher Bamford - The hidden presence of the nondual, "The Way of Union" by Vladimir Lossky - An Eastern Orthodox view, "Guided Self-sufficiency" by Easton Waller - Is there a need for help?, "Morning Wind in the Leaves" by Martha Heyneman - The three Graces of antiquity; 142 pages. Item #12535

Paperback in new condition.

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