Item #12533 THE GARDEN: PARABOLA, VOLUME 26, NO. 1; FEBRUARY 2001. Christopher Bamford, Richard Smoley, J L. Walker, Henry H. Sturtevant, Laura Simms, David Appelbaum.


New York: 2001. Contains "Telling the Rosary" by Christopher Bamford - To attend to the "one needful thing", "The Patient Reach for Light" by Anita Lange - The meaning of divine wisdom, "Gardens of the Heart" by Norris Brock Johnson - Form and emptiness in the Japanese Zen garden, "Water and Shade" by Emma Clark - An Islamic portrait of paradise, "Cultivating the Field of Images" by Richard Smoley - Entry into a higher realm of knowledge, "Where the Task Is Found" by Rudolf Bernoulli - Searching for the Philosopher's Stone, "The Perilous Garden" by J. L. Walker - Death and decay in Buddhist practice, "Mantegna's Agonies" by Henry H. Sturtevant - An analysis of the paintings, "Graze in the Meadows" by Shems Friedlander - "I am a bird of the heavenly garden", "Christ the Gardener" by Kim Coleman Healy - Work to repair our human refusal, "When Wings Open" by Laura Simms - Terry Tempest Williams on The Garden of Delights ; 144 pages. Item #12533

Paperback in very good condition.

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