Item #12531 NATURE: PARABOLA, VOLUME 24, NO. 1; FALL, 1999. Thomas Berry, Christian Wertenbaker, Robert Reese, Peter Matthiessen, Seyyer Hossein Nasr, Marcos Terena, David Appelbaum.


New York: 1999. Contains "Nature's Patterns" by Christian Wertenbaker - Hidden lines of emergence, "Rivers and Mountains" by Robert Reese - The language of stone and water, "The Great Without" by Linda Hogan - An indigenous geography of spirit, "Belonging: An Interview with Thomas Berry", "Mindful of Unity" by Peter Matthiessen - Seeking singleness of mind, "This Quiet Place That Buddhas Love" by J. L. Walker - From where all things come, "Toward the Heart of Things" by Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Traditional views of nature, "Metaflora: The Light of Nature" - Photographs by Walter Chappell, "The Celtic Tree of Life" by Mara Freeman - A sacred ecology, "Passevara, the Sacred Earth" by Kristin Madden - The view of the Saami, "To the Nations" by Marcos Terena - An indigenous perspective, "Mountain Music" by Scott Russell Sanders - Questions at the end of the earth, "Cosmic Sympathy" by Kat Duff - Finding ourselves among the stars, "The Circle Closes in on the Nomads" by Kamoriongo Ole Aimerry Nkongone - A story of the Maasai people, "Hot Times, Pigeons in the City" by Pamela Uschuk - The ways of the uncommon pigeon; 144 pages. Item #12531

Paperback in very good condition.

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