Item #12527 MILLENIUM: PARABOLA, VOLUME XXIII, NO. 1; FEBRUARY, 1998. Ravi Ravindra, Linda Hogan, Ursula K. Le Guin, Eliezer Shore, Thomas Moore, Martin Lings, Georg Feuerstein, David Appelbaum.


New York: 1998. Contains "Crossing the River" by Linda Hogan - Human time and earth time, "Worlds Living and Dying" by Ravi Ravindra - Consciousness and cyclical existence, "Point of Return" - An interview with Ursula K. Le Guin, "The Age of Tikkun" by Eliezer Shore - Restoring the world's soul, "On Memory and Numbers" by Thomas Moore - To keep count is to remember, "Building the Buddha-Field" by J. L. Walker - The mandala as beginning and ending, "Living on the Brink of Apocalypse" by Richard Erdoes - Scenes from the last millennium, "Message to the Younger Brother" spoken by Ramon Gil Barros - Wisdom teachings of the Kaggaba-Wiwa, "Signs of the Times" by Martin Lings - What "the end of the world" really means, "Sacred Threshold" by S. Paul Burholt - History, eternity, and the Incarnation, "The New Jerusalem" - from Revelation "The Millennium Effect" by Georg Feuerstein - An opportunity for transformation, "A Work of Lamentation" by Joshua Leavitt - Purging negative emotions; 127 pages. Item #12527

Paperback in very good condition.

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