DYING: PARABOLA, VOLUME 27, NO. 2; SUMMER 2002. Roger Lipsey, Murray Littlejohn, Madronna Holden, Nancy Poer, Rebecca Sachs Norris, David Appelbaum.


New York: 2002. Paperback in very good condition. Item #12219

Contains "So Many Tears I Was Searching" by Murray Littlejohn and Edward Tingley - Reflections on the death of George Harrison; "Why We Wash the Dead" by Leslie What - Exploring the Jewish ceremonial washing; "Godfather Death" by Madronna Holden - Storytelling lights the transition; POINT OF VIEW: "'How Long, O Lord?'" by Roger Lipsey; "The Last Note" by Therese Schroeder-Sheker - How music wakens and heals; "Desiring the Crucifixion" by Henry H. Sturtevant - The profundity of the symbol; "No Tragic Confrontation" by Friedrich Nietzsche - A "voluntary" dying; "Apoptosis" by Dror Mevorach - The deliberate death of cells; "A Face of Translucent Beauty" - An Interview with Nancy Poer; "The Road of Stars" by Joseph Bruchac - Arriving at the astral plane; "With a Steady Eye" by Rebecca Sachs Norris - Life as preparation; "Consumed by Either Fire or Fire" by Kim Coleman Healy - Thoughts on Thomas Merton; "Journey through the Underworld" - Follow the sun's path; 128 pages.

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