TWINS: PARABOLA, VOLUME XIX, NO. 2; SUMMER 1994. Helen M. Luke, Lambros Kamperidis, Kat Duff, Ellin Dooling Draper, Virginia Baron.


New York: 1994. Paperback in very good condition. Item #12214

Contains "The Other . . . My Brother" by Lambros Kamperidis - Archetypes of rivalry, complementarity, and synthesis; "Gemini and the Path of Paradox" by Kat Duff - An examination of the double astrological signs; "Are Identical Twins Really Identical?" by E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. - Dizygotic and monozygotic twins--the medical perspective; "Jacob and Esau" by Helen M. Luke - What we must learn from the Biblical story of rivalry and reconciliation; "The Mall of America" by Doug Thorpe - The embodiment of our society's shadow side; "Sexual Doubles" by Wendy Doniger - Stories of twins and erotic masquerades; "Twins and Trade" by Marcel Griaule - The Dogon notion of equality relating to human exchange; "Finding One's Twin" by James Elniski - A western artist's experience of the Yoruba twin cult; "Sun and Moon" by Howard Teich - The fundamental duality of life and the two sources of light; "The Ways of a Navajo Warrior" by Trebbe Johnson - How Monster Slayer and Born for Water protected the land; "The Legend of the Vanishing Twin" by Hillel Schwartz - The twin before, within, and beyond us; "The Three Sexes" by Plato - A classic look at the origin of the human species; "Bushcows in the Sky" by Marion Kilson - The relationship between human and spirit twins in Ga tradition; "Given to the Light" by Cathy Crane - The loss of one's twin before birth; 128 pages.

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