THE SOUL: PARABOLA, VOLUME XXI, NO. 2; SUMMER 1996. Peter Brook, Thomas Moore, James Wetmore, Gerard Casey, Inayat Khan, Titus Burckhardt, David Appelbaum.


New York: 1996. Paperback in very good condition. Item #10653

Contains "The Noble Traveler by Alvin Moore, Jr. - The soul in the subtle realm; "Lord of Flowers" by Laurette Séjourné - Causing the flower of the body to bloom; "The Soul's Religion" by Thomas Moore - Religion as--not versus--spirituality; "Ba and Khu" by Normandi Ellis - The double soul of ancient Egypt; Poem: "Verses Written After an Ecstasy of High Exaltation" by Saint John of the Cross; "The Secret Dimension" by Peter Brook - Art, energy, and human transformation; "Form and the Formless in Music" by Claire Sykes - Moving beyond little black notes on a page; "Tradition's Tide: An Interview with Gerard Casey" by James Wetmore; Poem: "This Encounter" by Sharon M. Van Sluijs; "Through a Dark Passage" by Eliezer Shore - Gathering the sparks of Divine Presence; "The Soul's Journey" by Inayat Khan - From photographic plate, to mirror, to flame...; "Where Is He That Is Born?" by Meister Eckhart - The birth of a new understanding; "Emily's Tree" by Richard Lewis - Imagination and the soul of learning; "Nature Can Overcome Nature" by Titus Burckhardt - The alchemical partnership; "Rejoicing in the Light of Paradise" by Norman Weinstein - Frederic Church illuminated; "The Very Fount of Bliss" by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - Beingness and the atman; "Newgrange and the Winter Solstice" by L. N. Franco - Light returns to the Brugh na Boinne; "Going Home" by Bernard A. Hoehner - The Lakota ritual of release; 128 pages.

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