Item #10638 BODY AND SOUL: PARABOLA, VOLUME 30, NO. 3; FALL 2005. Jacob Needleman, William Chittick, Martha Heyneman, G I. Gurdjieff, John Polkinghorne, Paul Reynard, Lorraine Kisley.


New York: 2005. Contains "Spirit, Body, and In-between" by William Chittick - Ambiguity and the intermediate realm; "Bees of the Invisible World" by Martha Heyneman - Rilke's soul at work; "Intentional Blending" by G. I. Gurdjieff - The birth of one's own initiative (illustrated with two paintings by Paul Reynard); "Plural Souls" by Adin Steinsaltz - Descent for the sake of ascension; "The Fragrance of the Friend" An interview with Iraj Anvar; "One Coffin--Two Corpses" by J. A. Taylor - Zen ancestor's teaching through dying; "Embodied in Air" by Lory Widmer Hess - The vitality of vowels, the power of consonants; "Except by Light" by Elizabeth Carothers Herron - The enduring affection among all things; "The Mind in the Hand" by Linda Hogan - Living by feel; "The True Human Body" An Interview with Jacob Needleman; "Legitimate Duality" From MEDITATIONS ON THE TAROT, Translated by Robert Powell - Rooted in being or rooted in love?; "The Pattern that is Me" by John Polkinghorne - Two modes of engagement; "Without Thunder There Is No Rain" by Moi Enomenga - The danger of losing Spirit; 128 pages. Item #10638

Paperback in new condition.

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