TRUTH AND ILLUSION: PARABOLA, VOLUME 28, NO. 4; WINTER 2003. Jeanne de Salzmann, Roger Lipsey, Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Moore, George MacDonald, Simone Weil, Marvin Barrett, David Appelbaum.


New York: 2003. Paperback in very good condition. Item #10637

Contains "Songs of Unforgetting" by Thomas Moore - Journeying byond the river Lethe; "Tools of the Trickster's Trade" by Dustin Eaton - Disruptions of reality; "From Spark to Flame" From the Yoga Vasistha - Overcoming Maya; "The Awakening of Thought" by Jeanne de Salzmann - The transcendent power of vision; "The Gates of Enchantment" by Mara Freeman - Faerie truths and glamours; "Real Miracles" by Anna Kilmer - The Sufi search for the divine; "The Invention of Deceit" by David Appelbaum - How illusion came to be in ancient Greece; "Truth and Perception" by Mickey Lemle - Truth vs. facts in filmmaking; "True Imagination" by George MacDonald - Discovering the divine purpose of things; "Deus ex Machina" by Zach Weber - The obsessive search for perfection; PORTFOLIO: "To Hear Through the Eyes" - Photographs by Paul Caponigro; "Approaching Our True Nature" - An interview with Eckhart Tolle; "The Death of Princes" by William A. McIntosh - The case of General James Wolfe; "Illusions" by Simone Weil - Thoughts on goodness; POINT OF VIEW: "A Change in Religion" by Roger Lipsey; 128 pages.

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