FRIENDSHIP: PARABOLA, VOLUME 29, NO. 4; WINTER 2004. Patty de Llosa, Christopher Bamford, Coleman Barks, Hazrat Inyat Khan, Lorraine Kisley.


New York: 2004. Contains "The Joy of Two" by Christopher Bamford - The creative power of self-giving; "Tortoise Mountain Wakes Up" by John Tarrant - Finding enlightenment together; "Sangha" by Gehlek Rimpoche - Six qualities of a good sangha friend; "Rumi and the Celts" by Coleman Barks - The Soul as conversation and friendship; "Turning to the Inner Light" by Frank Purcell - The Society of Friends and their influence; In the Footsteps of the Ancestors: "Oyate Olotapi: The People Borrow Him" Kent Lebsock, interviewed by Briane Keane - A tribute to Lakota Elder Tony Black Feather; "The Spirit of Agitation and the Spirit of Brotherhood" by Hazrat Inayat Khan - Our urgent need for harmony; "Hearing the Call of the Other" - An Interview with Stephen Batchelor; "To Love One's Neighbor" by W. H. Auden; "Befriending the Body" by Patty de Llosa - A faithful companion; "Otherworlds and Innerworlds" by Kate Chadbourne - A Welsh tale unfolds a universal journey; "Gods, Disease, and Politics" by James Hillman; "The Angel of Friendship"; "A Telling of the Love of Winnedumah for Pahwanike"; "Damon and Pythias"; "White Wing"; "Seeing Isamu Noguchi" by Roger Lipsey - The new biography and the reopening of the Noguchi Museum; "Healing the Divide" by Lorraine Kisly - Science and spiritual search; 128 pages. Item #10615

Paperback in very good condition.

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