Item #10614 PRISON: PARABOLA, VOLUME 28, NO. 2; SUMMER 2003. Roger Lipsey, Jacques Lusseyran, Fleet Maull, Nelson mandela, David Appelbaum.


New York: 2003. Contains "POINT OF VIEW: Iron Lock, Iron Chain, Iron Net" by Roger Lipsey and Lobsang Lhalungpa; "Locked Away" by Nan Runde - The innocent imprisoned in fairy tales; "Plato's Fetters" by David Appelbaum - The chains that bind us; "Practice within the Cell" - An interview with Fleet Maull; "Help beyond the Walls" by Madronna Holden - Allies who help us escape; "The Hawk in the Prison" by Joseph Bruchac - The Native American experience; GALLERY: "The Art of Piranesi" Text by Aldous Huxley; "The Turning" by Drew Leder - Narratives of inmates; "Wheels within Wheels" by Susan Ellen Mesinai - The "vanished" political prisoner; "Poetry in Buchenwald" by Jacques Lusseyran - Hope uplifted, dignity preserved; "Prisoner of the Self" by Mordechai Beck - The story of the Biblical Joseph; "Robben Island" by Nelson Mandela - Notes from a pre-eminent inmate; "Prometheus, Fire-Bearer in Chains" by Sarah Jane Sloane - Imprisonment by the gods; 128 pages. Item #10614

Paperback in new condition.

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