Item #10611 EROS: PARABOLA, VOLUME XX, NO. 4; NOVEMBER 1995. Jacob Needleman, Arthur Versluis, Martha Heyneman, Ken Wilber, Connie Whitesell, David Appelbaum.


New York: 1995. First edition. Twentieth anniversary issue; Contains "Divine and Human Lovers" - A Photographic Gallery, "Between Heaven and Earth: An interview with Jacob Needleman" - The connection between humanity and a higher level, "The Five-fold Sacrament" by Indra Sinha - Tantra and erotic communion, "Desire and Illusion: Two Stories from Ancient India" by Wendy Doniger - How eros creates illusion, "That Other Loveliness" by Harriet Eisman - The story of Eros and Psyche, "Dionysos: The Masks of Madness" by Robert Luyster - Worshipping an erotic god, "Culture of the Heart" by Christopher Bamford - The Troubadours' teachings, "The Love of God, the Love of Man" by Franz Rosenzweig - Who can command love?, "Ficino's Garden" by Arthur Versluis - The Renaissance philosopher's ideas on eros, "The Whirr of His Wings" by Martha Heyneman - How the image of the beloved illuminates, "I Thirst to Be Thirsted For" by Stratford Caldecott - God as the Act of love, "The Way Up Is the Way Down" by Ken Wilber - Forces of love and death, "Behold, Thou Art Fair, My Beloved" by Connie Whitesell - The role of sexuality in the Song of Songs ; 128 pages. Item #10611

Paperback in very good condition.

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