REPETITION AND RENEWAL: PARABOLA, VOLUME 13, NO. 2; SUMMER 1988. Peter Brook, Lincoln Kirstein, P L. Travers, Steve Reich, Marguerite Yourcenar, Mircea Eliade, Ravi Ravindra, Rob Baker.


New York: 1988. Contains "The Eternal Return" by Mircea Eliade - From the classic study of recurring cycles in myth and ritual; "Fires of the Solstice" by Marguerite Yourcenar - Solar celebrations through the ages; "Testing the Boundaries" by Harry Remde - A craftsman defines the limits in his work; "Following Your Bliss" Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell - Two old friends delight in "The Power of Myth"; "Well, Shoot Me!" by P. L. Travers - A tale of the cycles of youthful discontent; "The Gospel as Yoga" by Ravi Ravindra - Approaching The Gospel According to St. John; "The Art of Fine Tuning" with Steve Reich, Lincoln Kirstein, Peter Brook - Three conversations on repetition in the performing arts; "Trapped on a Wheel" by P. D. Ouspensky - From The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin; "So the Darkness Shall Be the Light: A photo essay" - Paul Caponigro, Minor White, Nicholas Hlobeczy, Peter Caroff, Walter Chappell; "Very Like a Frog Hopping" by Gertrude Stein - The difference between repeating and insistence in writing; "World Renewal" by Thomas Buckley - How the Jump Dance came to the Yurokl "Waking up the Rake" by Linda Hogan - Lessons learned from birds of prey; "Three Poems"; "Even the Ancestors" by Paul Jordan-Smith - The efficacy of ritual repetition; 136 pages. Item #10578

Paperback in very good condition.

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