Item #10574 ABSENCE AND LONGING: PARABOLA, VOLUME 31, NO. 2; SUMMER, 2006. Margaret Flinsch, Peter Brook, Eduardo Galeano, Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, Thomas Berry, Lorraine Kisly.


New York: 2006. Contains "A Blinding Proximity" by Patrick Laude - Divine presence and human absence; "And Where He comes from And Where He Goes" by Bernard of Clairvaux - Self-observation and counsel from a twelfth-century saint; "Entering the Ordinary" by Hilary Hart - Lessons in simplicity and love; "The Buddha Calling the Buddha" by Kinrei Bassis - Learning to listen; "The Path of Yearning" by Marc Gafni - From separation to union; "Glyphs" by Sandra Alcosser - Reading the landscape with Lewis and Clark; "The Pain of Divine Love" by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee - The sanctity of sorrow; "In Time" by Eduardo Galeano - The voyage "between two flutterings"; "The Formless Hunch" by Peter Brook - A way of working; "As Far As Longing Can Reach" by Peter and Maria Kingsley - The energy of wanting; "To Perfect Oneself in the Sense of Being", A conversation with Margaret Flinsch; "Attention of the Heart" by Abba Dorotheus; "All that is Between Them" by Omid Safi - The journey from "there" to "here"; "Lonliness and Presence" by Thomas Berry - Finding our place in the great community of being; "Educating Desire" by Adin Steinsaltz; "The Apple and the Garden" by Peter Lamborn Wilson; 127 pages. Item #10574

Paperback in very good condition.

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