Washington: National Geographic Society, 1918. First edition. Articles included are: New Yorl - The Metropolis of Mankind by William Joseph Showalter; Under the Heel of the Turk by William H. Hall; A Day with our Boys in the Geographic Wards by Carol Corey; Bringing the World to our Foreign-Language Soldiers by Christina Krysto; Recent Observations in Albania by George P. Scriven; The Ukraine, Past and Present by Nevin O. Winter; The Acorn, A Possibly Neglected Source of Food by C. Hart Merriam; Our Littlest Ally by Alice Rohe; Ship for the Seven Seas by Ralph A. Graves; The American People must become Ship-Minded by Edward N. Hurley; Our Undustrial Victory by Charles M. Schwab; The War and Ocean Geography by Gilbert Grosvenor; Food for our Allies by Herbert Hoover; Russia's Orphan Races by Maynard Owen Williams; What the War has done for Britain by Judson C. Welliver; How Canada went to the Front by T.B. Macauley; An Old Jewel in the Proper Setting (about the taking back of the Holy Land) by Charles W. Whitehair; Our Friends, The French by Carl Holliday; The Rebirth of Religion in Russia by Thomas Whittemore; Coal - Ally of american Industry by William Joseph Showalter; The Races of Europe by Edwin A. Grosvenor. Very good condition. Item #10073

Bound in 1/4 brown leather with gilt titles on spine and raised bands; 536 pages.

Price: $90.00

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