THE MAN & MACHINE: PARABOLA, VOLUME 33, NO. 3; FALL 2008. Ravi Ravindra, Maurice Nicoll, Ilan AMit, James Opie, Roger Lipsey, Margaret Pierpont, Pope John Paul II, Sri Aurobindo, Jeff Zaleski.


New York: 2008. Paperback in very good condition. Item #13909

Contains NOTES ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND SPIRITUAL SEARCH by Ravi Ravindra - Two paths toward the unknown; THE END OF KNOWLEDGE: A conversation with Ravi Ravindra; AFTER THE MOVERS HAVE LEFT by Margaret Pierpont - The mind on meditation retreat; WHAT DOES IT MEAN THAT A PERSON IS MECHANICAL? by Maurice Nicoll - A radical reassessment of the human machine; WHERE THE MEANINGS ARE by Ilan Amit - What happens when the machine begins to break down?; WINDOWS TO INFINITY by James Opie - The rise and decline of meaning in the art of carpet making; DIGITAL SILENCE by Laura Hope-Gill - A deaf woman learns to hear the unheard; ANCIENT MYTH AND MODERN SCIENCE by John David Ebert - Unexpected parallels and strange convergences; QUIRKS IN THE MECHANISM by Erynn Sosinski - Searching for the soul of the puppet; THE MAN OF TODAY by Pope John Paul II - On technology and the spirit; THE INDWELLING SPIRIT by Sri Aurobindo - The conscious triumph of evolution; ISLAM AND SCIENCE by Ibrahim Kalin - An ongoing debate; A WEBSITE GROWS IN BROOKLYN by Jeff Zaleski - A visit to the Chabad-Lubavitch webmaster; THE NEW YEAR by Adin Steinsaltz - Transforming repetition into renewal;128 pages.

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